About Us


We are a mother - daughter team that started our company in 2018 in Cleveland, OH. We customize elegant, works of edible art for your special occasion with attention to every detail! Our main focus is on fruit & vegetable carvings and platters but have since added dessert items like chocolate - covered strawberries and macarons! We hope you check back often to see more unique items and designs coming soon!


Why Rose?

We get the question often if one of our owners is named Rose. The answer is no, but the "rose" in our company name does have its own history!

The rose was the first intricate design mastered in our carvings and you can see it throughout our work. Roses carved out of radishes, zucchinis, beets, watermelons and more!  Our customers have even been known to mistaken one of our creations for an actual, real rose! 

We really love the flower! It's elegant, conveys love & passion, and makes any occasion all the more special! That is exactly what our company strives to represent! Lastly, as a women-owned business, the rose brings forth our femininity. It couldn't be a more fitting symbol!


Our Values 

We are genuinely passionate about our work, and dedicated to serving you! 


"Our mission is to always provide a fresh and quality product foremost while delivering a unique and memorable artisan experience for guests"


A majority of what we do is self-taught, and we always aspire to try new things and keep on improving! We thrive on creativity and prosper on success! 


20180519_122742  2.jpg

Let us transform a simple watermelon into a beautiful rose for your next event!